Dear Former Student,

Welcome to the Alumni community of the Faculty of Education and Psychology!

Wherever you go, as a former student of our Faculty, you will always be a respected and decisive member of the PPK Alumni community, that we created to bring our graduates together and to provide a framework for preserving and enriching professional and personal relationships.

The friendships and acquaintances made at PPK will remain even after the completion of the studies. With our alumni services, we help to build and make these relationships lasting.

On our alumni site, we inform our registered Alumni members about the latest news and events, scientific and research work of the PPK. Our plans include providing news in our newsletter about our activities and current programs.

We strive to maintain contact with our former students even after completing their studies, to support them in their further studies, to inform them about the professional programs, events and training opportunities.

We welcome all those who would like to pursue their MA or PhD studies at PPK. We are developing our training structure to adapt to new needs, and we are constantly striving to create new training opportunities.
We welcome our alumni to share their knowledge and experience with each other. We encourage the search for old fellow students, the revival of friendships formed during the university years, the professional support and mentoring of each other, and the establishment of new personal and professional relationships.

We believe it is important to stay in touch after graduation. We support your efforts to expand your knowledge, maintain and enrich your relationships.

We encourage you to participate in our professional and cultural programs and events, and to continue to play a role in the life of the Faculty, to be an active participant in the PPK Alumni community!

Thank you for joining us!
The community of ELTE PPK Alumni

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Group Coordinator:  Borbála Nagy