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PPK article in the Nature Human Behavior




At the initiative of Balázs Aczél, Barnabás Szászi and Zoltán Kekecs, an international consensus was reached on how researchers can make their empirical research in social and behavioural science transparent.

How can social scientists make their work more transparent? Sixty-three editors and open science advocates reached consensus on this topic and created a checklist to help authors document various transparency-related aspects of their work.

“The final version of the Transparency Checklist 1.0 contains 36 items that cover four components of a study: Preregistration; Methods; Results and Discussion; Data, Code, and Materials Availability. For each item, authors select the appropriate answer from pre-specified options. It is important to emphasize that none of the responses on the checklist is a priori good or bad, and the transparency report provides researchers the opportunity to explain their choices at the end of each section.”

The article is open-accessed on the Nature Human Behavior's website.

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