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Dear International Students,

The Spring renewal and Spring holidays bring freshness, confidence and hope to us all.

Under more fortunate circumstances, now everyone would be enjoying the Spring Break. In Hungary, the upcoming Easter holiday is associated with many colorful religious and secular traditions which, regardless of one’s own beliefs, may be interesting for anyone to read after.

Although the epidemiological situation has posed serious challenges for everyone (and this is expected to remain so for an unpredictable period of time), hereby we would like to thank all our Students for their patience and calm, responsible, cooperative behavior as University Citizens in compliance with the national and the University’s exceptional measures. In our experience, despite the challenges, ELTE Citizens have been behaving exemplary in both university activities and everyday situations.

The steady aim of ELTE is to support its Students to its means outside its (virtual) walls as well, with a special focus on informing and helping foreign citizens. We keep the central information platforms, including the English-language website, constantly updated with up-to-date content, and we strive to report every change and event which could affect or be interesting to a significant number of Students. For example, abstracted from the University’s regulations in a brief framework, we published a practical guide to the Hungarian health system, and we also shared everyday mental health advice.

We sense that the uncertainty and risks (especially because of the international, Hungarian and foreign state measurements, the financial, housing and employment difficulties, the end of the semester, one’s own and relatives’ health) put strong mental pressure on everyone, causing stress and anxiety. The experts of ELTE Counselling Centre with an increased number of staff, are ready to help any University Citizen, so please feel free to contact them.

We call your attention to the restriction on movement, which is currently in effect, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Please, in the coming days stay at home and follow the instructions. It is important to comply with the official regulations, otherwise it can lead to serious punishment and actions taken by the immigration authorities.

We wish you strength and, above all, good health in the coming period!

Kind regards,

Eötvös Loránd University

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